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There are 8 people at this table with me and each and every one of them has a macbook pro and an iphone. I feel left out – but I escaped that world. I used to have an iphone, and a macbook pro too- I felt like an elitist because I had those things, now I humbly sit here with my little toshiba laptop and watch.

Oh, and lets not forget the old model blackberry hanging on to my pants.

Breaking the addiction with apple was challenging, it took a lot of work and determination but I did it. It started when my hard drive crashed, I was so turned off by the fact that the almighty apple failed me that I made a vow that I would no longer use their products.

Then I sold my ipad, then I sold my ipod, then I sold my iphone.

Now I have a toshiba, a blackberry, and am refusing to even install iTunes.

We used to have such a good relationship, but at the end of the day I feel that I was living in lalaland with apple. Their marketing scheme is to make it seem like you are missing out on something very important if you do not have one of their products.

Are any of their products necessarily superior to any others? I do not personally think so – it is all the same. Each company has their ups and their downs. Apple is stuck up, windows is greedy and have a ass backwards way of selling software, linux is too busy fighting among itself to produce anything of real quality.

Choosing an operating system, a computer, or anything else is always difficult, because no matter how much money you spend, things will always crash,things will always break, and there will always be a feature of a particular hardware or software that will drive you up a wall.

I have purchased like 6 computer this year. I am sick of it – its an endless cycle in the search of something that I will never find.

I am going to stick with this Toshiba until it no longer turns on. And not buy anything else.

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