National Medal of Honor Day

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From the White House blog.

The president gave a brief speach in Arlington Cemetary yesterday in honor of National Medal of honor day. It showed gratitiude toward the recepients and remembered all of those who gave their lives or performed heroic actions in the line of duty.

Its sad to me that I didn’t even know that it was medal of honor day. These soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen all gave their lives and service to this country but more people know about when Valentines day is then Medal of Honor Day.

I thank each recipient for his or her sacrifice and being in the military myself understand the challenges that accompany a military lifestyle. I may never understand their struggle and hope to never be in a situation that many of these were in. But I have the utmost respect and gratitude.

I thought it would be interesting to learn a little bit more about the history of the medal of honor so I present you with this: (From the DOD Official Website)

The medal of honor began during the civil war but was made a permanent decoration since 1863.

Since that time over 3,400 people have received the honor. It is the highest honor that you are able to receive. To learn some more and read a great history of the Medal of Honor check out this piece.

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