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A couple years ago Cory Doctorow wrote a post about “The Memex Method” where he described how to use your blog as your second brain. He’s been writing (well) for decades, and one of my favorite parts of his blog is when he refers back to previously written posts looking back 1, 5, 10, and 20 years.

I have also been writing (not so well) for almost 20 years and wanted to find a way to do something similar here. So naturally I wrote a Dagger module called Nostalgia that parses an RSS feed and extracts posts from this day going back to the start of the feed.

It can also print some interesting statistics about the feed.

gif of a terminal session where the nostalgia dagger module is used

It already has some issues because it seems that not all feeds are made the same so I need to add support for other types of RSS feeds, but if you have a feed generated by hugo using rss 2.0 it should work out of the box.

I plan to combine this with a few of the other modules that I have written so far as part of my blog publishing pipeline, in the quest to join the posse club.

Appendix: Usage Examples

Get stats from a feed

dagger --feed-url -m call stats

Get posts from today

note: today inside the function is using UTC, so it may be a bit wonky depending on your timezone. I’m still trying to figure out how to best handle this, let me know if you have any ideas <3

dagger --feed-url -m call today 

Get posts from some other day

note: date format is MM-DD

dagger --feed-url -m call today --check-date 06-10

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