Introducing ezBadge

A few months ago I wrote about my struggles with Markdown Image Links. The entire reason why I was working on that before was to put cute little badges in my Github repos. Today I took this a whole step forward and wrote a small web application that just “does the needful” for you. ezBadge makes it… Continue reading Introducing ezBadge

Stolen Bank Card

I tend to not think about someone stealing my credit card or identity because that “only happens to careless people”. You know, the kind of people that buy discount cigarettes from some shady company in Hong Kong that does not offer HTTPS on its checkout page. Well, that naive bubble was burst this weekend when… Continue reading Stolen Bank Card

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Setting up ANTLR4 on Windows

I am using ANTLR for a Compilers course, and working on a windows box. Getting ANTLR to work is not difficult since it is just a Java jar file. The quick start instructions on the ANTLR website seem really straightforward, and they probably are if you know what you are doing. However, I had a bit of… Continue reading Setting up ANTLR4 on Windows

Salting your LXC Container Fleet

Saltstack is an awesome configuration management system that can make managing 10 to 10,000 servers very simple. Salt can be used to deploy, manage, configure, report around, and even troubleshoot all of your servers. It can also be used to manage a fleet of LXC containers which we will be doing in this blog post. If… Continue reading Salting your LXC Container Fleet

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Programming Sockets in Python

EDIT: I am sorry for derping out of control. When I initially published this post it was called “Programming Web Sockets in Python”, this is just flat out wrong. What we are making here is just a regular socket. Web Sockets and regular sockets are similar but are certainly not the same thing. I hope you will still… Continue reading Programming Sockets in Python

Installing Node.js + Ghost in an Ubuntu 14.04 LXC Container

I had to set up a blog for an interaction design course that I am taking this semester. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to play with Node.js and work with the absolutely beautiful Ghost blogging platform. I installed all of this on my primary Linode server that hosts this blog among other things. I like… Continue reading Installing Node.js + Ghost in an Ubuntu 14.04 LXC Container

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