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Update 3/19/2009: This is one of my more interesting posts. I honestly don’t know what possessed me to write this but I promise I was not on drugs at the time. :)

One of them had a lopsided marshmallow and the other had a rusty toolshed. Together they created something beautiful. The circle of life sometimes gets chopped in half making a half circle. And everyone knows that when you chop a watermelon in half and don’t cover both sides with saran wrap, then you are just asking for a world of trouble. First, the watermelon will rot. It will stink, it will not be an easy day. Not to mention the fact that while you are sitting around with your thumb up your ass wondering what that awful smell is, there will be children out in the streets who would kill, and have died for that same piece of watermelon that you are letting go to waste. Shame on you, but moving on the moral of the story is when you are making a cup of tea make sure that you put in enough sugar, nobody likes to have tea that is too bitter, but then again nobody likes to have tea that is too sweet either, the trick is being able to find the healthy medium in which the tea is of the perfect complexion.

I often wonder to myself late at night, what the meaning of this life is. I come to the conclusion that life is absolutely meaningless, and meaning has no meaning, look up meaning on and you will find a host of subliminal operations, working at a large scale, impeaching people for getting a blowjay in the Office, for what? If anything you should SUE her for spitting the spawn of satan on to the presidential rug. Hillary has not washed that thing in years. Yes, they had a threesome.

Why else would she have been so okay with the fact that her husband of many years is all of sudden being accused of raping innocent interns. Fuck you, I will drop it when the media drops britney spears chopping all of her hair off, and princess diana marrying a jewish guy. I have every right to live in the past, because I am talking about my generation.

The only thing that any of us has is our own generation. We sit and wait and watch and wonder and wink and waddle, and WASTE away our lives thinking about the digital whorehouses that we are going to be able to observe after work while the wife is our with the kids in the Dodge Grand Caravan. Whats so grand about that damn thing anyways? 15 miles a gallon and a radiator leak, no thanks I will be unpatriotic and drive a toy instead. OTA OTA OTA. That the new warcry, that is heard by millions of unemployed american auto workers when they lost their jobs to the Japanese Giant…

I wonder if I would still be able to use Irony if I had an iron deficiency. I suppose I would just eat some fish. BABY JESUS FETUS. And then make it all better. Stem Cell Research is a Hot Topic,it is not, however, a store in the mall. With only 5 more degrees of separation we can achieve a correlation between the subway station and a dying nation.

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