R1D13 Intro to C# and Getting Docker working with .NET Core and SQL Server for Linux

I signed up for the first of a three part course to learn more about C# on edX. I made it through module 1 already and was able to make it through writing a simple “hello world” style console app in C# with little trouble.

Hello World in C#

One of my favorite little bits of knowledge that I gained from the C# Intro course was the original name of C# was COOL.

The original name was COOL for C-like Object-Oriented Language

I also made a little bit more progress on my work from yesterday trying to get ASP.NET Core working with SQL Server with Docker on Visual Studio for Mac. I ran into a couple hangups.

First, docker was complaining that it was not able to find any of the shared NuGet packages. I had to add /usr/local/share/dotnet to docker folders in order to get nuget to work.

Sharing Folders in Docker for Mac

I also needed to bump up the resources to get past an error saying sqlservr: This program requires a machine with at least 3250 megabytes of memory. in order to get SQL Server to run. It needs more than 3GB of RAM in order to start up.

System Resources in Docker


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