R1D32 More Salesforce DX

I wrapped up the Application Development with SalesForce DX module.

In this module we learned how to create and publish new Salesforce DX projects, how to convert old “org based” projects into Salesforce DX apps, and how to publish new Salesforce DX apps into old orgs. Everything makes sense more or less and I think I will get the hang of it once I am working in my real production org.

I really like how you can use the metadata API to ensure that settings are consistent across all of your projects. This way instead of learning what all the settings should be and have a repo full of hand crafted config files you can simply import and export these things using the sfdx cli.

I’m moving on to the next two modules which cover CI/CD and git. It looks like the trailhead is using Travis CI as an example. I am planning on writing up a short guide on how to do this stuff with CircleCI as well.

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