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I took a step back from React Native today and went through the Ticket Monster tutorial from Red Hat. I wanted to get more familiar with some of the tooling that Java Web developers use since its becoming more important for my day job.

I was blown away at how awesome this tutorial is.

I’ve done a couple of these in the past. The world of Java EE is scary and overwhelming sometimes. Especially compared to the simplicity of something like Flask and the magic of something like Rails. This time instead of getting bogged down in all of the details, I just pretended like everything made sense for a while and took the tutorial at face value.

This proved to be a good strategy because some of this stuff actually makes sense.

Hot Takes

Ultimately, even if you are allergic to Java and have no interesting in learning about the tooling of that ecosystem I think this tutorial is worth checking out because by the end of your first hour you will have:
  1. A RESTful API along with a standard "CRUD" app that does something
  2. An understanding of how data is stored and retrieved from a database
  3. A real world example of grabbing data from a REST API in Javascript and displaying it on a UI.
  4. Deploy the whole thing to a cloud service (OpenShift) for free.
These are tough concepts for a lot of beginners and I think this sample tutorial application covers them all.


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