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Raw Html Omitted in Hugo

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I am still new to hugo and learning all the kinks. A couple days ago I found my old blog from 2008-2012 and fell into a nostalgia hole. Now I am trying to migrate and consolidate everything over to here to make the “one blog to rule them all”.

One thing that is different in hugo compared to some of the other static site generators that I have used is that it does not allow raw HTML in markdown files. I found some various posts on how to get this working properly, but I found one simple approach to be to write those posts in html instead. This has allowed me to embed youtube videos into my old posts like this.

The officially recommended method is to add this to your hugo.toml file:

unsafe= true

Something about adding unsafe=true feels wrong to me though. Weather or not the world needs an archive of my early 20s musings is a whole other matter that I’ll save for another post.

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