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Trip Dates

November 17 – 20 2016

How I got there

I got to Salt Lake City on the same Turbo Prop Alaska Airlines plane that took me to Carson City the month before. It was a pleasant flight, and since it was longer than the 45 minute flight to Carson City they had a beverage service.

I learned that Alaska airlines (on Horizon Airlines flights) serves free local beer from Alaska, California, and the Pacific Northwest that is in rotation. I enjoyed a refreshing IPA, they even asked if I wanted a refill!

How I got around

Salt Lake City has one of the best public transportation systems that I have ever seen in my life. I mostly used the light rail to get around, and took a Lyft a few times.

Where I stayed

I stayed at the Courtyard Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City.

What I did

I arrived on Thursday evening without checking the weather. Nathan warned me that Salt Lake City could get a bit cold this time of year, but I did not listen. In any case, I showed up wearing a hoody in the middle of a snow storm. I made my way to a store and picked up a hat, scarf, and gloves to make it through the rest of the trip. Thursday and Friday I worked, so I did not get a chance to explore most of the city on these two days. The only notable thing was that on Friday night I grabbed dinner at this amazing Mexican place called Red Iguana.

Saturday was tourist day. I started off by exploring Temple Square, after I got my fill of the Church of the Ladder Day Saints, I had a delicious homemade turkey pot pie for lunch. With a full stomach I trekked up north a few blocks to visit the state Capitol building.

After that I went to Trolley Square and bought a couple of books from Weller Book Works. I then took the light rail back to the Arena station and went to the Clark Planetarium. I watched a Beautiful Planet on IMAX and it was absolutely breathtaking. I had Chicken and Waffles for dinner at a place called Avenues Proper and then I called it a night.

On Sunday I had an late morning flight so I spent the rest of my time in Salt Lake City packing up and hanging out at the airport.

what was the fuss?

Salt Lake City is nestled in between a breathtaking mountain range and is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited. It has a world class public transportation system, great food, some lovely shopping centers, a robust and lively downtown area, and a rich history. The most surprising thing about being there was the feisty homeless population. That says a lot coming from me since I live in SOMA.

Salt Lake 2002 Monument

Salt Lake City was the host of the 2002 Winter Olympics and you can see relics of this proud moment throughout the downtown area. When most people think of Salt Lake City and Utah, they think of Mormons. While they do have a strong presence here, there is a whole lot more to the city than just the Church of Ladder Day Saints.


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