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I love getting to work at the crack of dawn. Especially on federal holidays when the beltway is clear of its usual traffic and you get to watch the sun rise over the Mormon Temple (Emerald City) in Kensington, MD.

This morning when I got to work it was like a scene from a movie. Have you ever had that feeling that what you were doing in life could be used as filler space in a movie? That’s how it felt this morning. I got out of my car and there was no one else around. It seemed like I was the first person to arrive at the hospital. I crossed the street and went into the sliding doors. The brightly lit EMERGENCY sign was glowing in the morning sun and when you walked into the hospital the only thing that you could here was the low hum of the vending machines in the corner.

For some reason it was a relaxing experience. The hospital is usually a very busy place, especially since I work directly below the pharmacy which usually has a very long line of anxious patients waiting for refills.

I love days like today, they remind me of why I have been doing the same thing for four years and still have not gotten sick of it. Sure there are rough days, but I have yet to wake up in the morning and say to myself “I don’t want to go to work today.”

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