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South Park

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God I love this show.

When I was younger I used to only watch it because I thought it was funny. I didn’t really understand all the puns and jokes and pop-culture references. It was a cartoon and sometimes they cussed. That was enough for my 10 year old brain to be satisfied.

But now that I am older, I am still watching this show. And now I get it. I see the show for what it really is. South park offers a view of the world that is not as crazy as many people think. Parents sit there and complain about how it is corrupting the children of America and how shows like it should be taken off the air.

South park basically gives these concerned parents a big “F*** You!” and goes on with life. In one of the episodes Stan says ” If parents spent less time worrying about what their kids see on television, and worry about what is going on in their lives, the world would be a better place. ” Then Kyle says “Yeah, I think the reason why parents get upset at television, is because they rely on it as a baby sitter and the sole educator of their kids.” That is so true. Sure, some of the things that South Park says and does is offensive as hell, but the bottom line is they say what everyone is thinking. They shed light on difficult subjects, and make fun of pop-culture.

There is an interesting book I saw at borders called South Park and Philosophy. It’s a really interesting book because it shows South Park as a form of Philosophy and not just toilet humor.

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