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The Best Autotools tutorial from the Ajunta docs

2017-05-11 19:15:02 ][ Tags: hacking gnu autotools

Autotools is probably the most overwhelming piece of software that I have encountered. Just when I think that I get how it works, something goes wrong and I spend hours digging through man pages and info docs trying to figure out what is going on.

I wish I had found the Anjuta docs that describe how the "magic" behind their project wizards actually work earlier. Like most IDE's Anjuta takes care of doing a lot of heavy lifting in the background. Unlike most IDE's they have excellent documentation (in addition to the source code of course) on how everything actually works. This is extremely valuable and I am grateful to the folks from the Anjuta project who took the time to describe how all of this works from doing everything as a single line gcc command all the way to clicking buttons via the new project wizard.

If you are new to autotools like me, check out this doc. If you dont care about auto tools but want to see what excellent documentation looks like, check out this doc as well.