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Spring Security, Webjars, and MIME type error

I volunteered to be JLO (Java Language Owner) at CircleCI and I am currently working on getting a sample Spring Framework project running on CircleCI 2.0. I made a simple app bootstrapped with the Spring Initializer. I included Spring Security … Continue reading

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Install Netbeans on Debian Stable

Netbeans is a great open source Java IDE. For some reason it is missing from the current stable repository on debian. In order to get it installed as a regular desktop application in Debian Jessie (using GNOME) you should do … Continue reading

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Setting up ANTLR4 on Windows

I am using ANTLR for a Compilers course, and working on a windows box. Getting ANTLR to work is not difficult since it is just a Java jar file. The quick start instructions on the ANTLR website seem really straightforward, … Continue reading

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Running BlueJ with Oracle Java 8 in Lubuntu

BlueJ is a great IDE for learning Java. The installer on the BlueJ website works great for any debain or ubuntu based system. The launcher in BlueJ is geared toward Java 7 so if you are running Java 8 you … Continue reading

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