Thank you to the Debian Maintainers of Mozilla-related packages team

A few days ago, a critical bug was found in Firefox that disabled all extensions due to an expiring intermediate certificate. This caused a lot of outrage on the internet, and an inconvenience for most users.

I run firefox-esr on Debian testing. I only use a handful of extensions, and the only that I really can’t live without is 1Password X. Luckily, for the few days where this was broken I was able to get access to all of my passwords by logging into

The Firefox team did a great job in communicating the issue, and keeping the community up to date on their blog. I wanted to take a moment to give a huge thank you to the Maintainers of Mozilla-related packages team on Debian for getting the firefox-esr package updated less than a day after the patch was released.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a new version this morning, and upgrading firefox-esr on Debian testing fixed the issue with extensions as soon as I restarted.

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