The Dialysis Ward

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Is a very relaxing place. Sure the patients or hanging on to life by one breath. Without the machine they would probably wither away very quickly. But it goes to show you the resiliency of the human spirit. The advances in technology, attempting to live a normal life when your own body gives up on you.

It is a very beautiful thing. I am really enjoying my clinical experience so far. I am learning tons, my confidence with the machines has gone way up and I am certain that by the end of this training I will have the ability and the confidence that I need in order to operate a Dialysis machine on my own.

I have not been to the Apheresis clinic yet so I am not sure how that will work, but I have a feeling that I will enjoy working in Dialysis a whole lot more. You just get to have such a strong connection with the patients that you are working with. You see them every single monday, wed, and friday for the rest of their lives. You share the good times and the bad times with them, its a very deep relationship. I like to think that I have a good, outgoing, comforting personality and my only goal is to make the patients as comfortable and happy as possible. Their bodies may have given up on them, some of the nurses may not care about them, their doctors may be giving them false hopes and run around. But I want them to be assured, that as long as I am on the job, I do care, I am there for them, and I will never give up on them.

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