"The Spot" by Michelle Wentling

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Our second short story entry comes from Michelle Wentling from Wichita, KS.

The Spot

“Oh yes, Oh yes!” she screamed silently to herself.

She was so close….almost there! Just a little longer….

With renewed vigor, she switched to a rhythmic, circular motion; clockwise first, then counter-clockwise. Fast, then slow; using harder, then lighter pressure.

The intense, grinding motion was working! With her breath panting in ragged gasps; her face flushing deeper, with every move, she kept up the rhythm, even through the waning energy.

“Oh God, Oh God, yes, that’s it….” Every word thought in jagged bursts; urging her forward towards the triumphant end.

Then, it happened.

All that work for such a quick and instant result.

She sat up and wiped her brow; a satisfied smile on her flushed face.

She’d done it!

The spot came out.

Once again, thank you Michelle for submitting this short story. If you like this story, don’t forget to come back through the whole month of November to vote for Michelle’s story. Whoever gets the most votes by Dec 1, 2010 will be the lucky winner of a Kindle Wifi.

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