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The Story of My Most Serious Injury

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I have been lucky in life. I have not really had any serious injuries. Which is shocking now that I think about it because I have some crazy stuff over the years. I supposed Ill tell the story of how my brother broke my pinky toe by throwing me into a bookshelf.

Me and my brother did not get along too well when we were younger. We would always get into fights about stupid stuff and most of the time we broke doors, walls, and left each other with bumps and bruises. Luckily all of that is in the past now but I can distinctly remember when I was younger the night that I broke my first bone.

I cannot recall exactly what we were fighting about but I know that it happened in the house that we live in now. I was around 15 years old. Like usual our fights escalated far beyond where they should be and I remember finding myself throwing a car stereo at my brother. It landed on his stomach and left a terrible scratch. I am assuming this pissed him off so he pushed me and threw me into a bookshelf. The bookshelf corner fell and I was not wearing any shoes so it landed right on top of my pinky toe.

At first I had a great adrenaline rush and did not feel any pain but as the night went on I began to feel a lot of pain. And I thought that I had a broken toe. My mother and I went to the University Hospital Emergency Room in Cincinnati OH. It is not the best place in the world. When we got there, the emergency room was packed full of people and it smelled like drugs, alcohol, and death.

We decided to make a detour and drove 30 miles out of the way to a nicer hospital in the suburbs. We sat there for quite some time, got an xray taken and after the whole ordeal was over I was just told to take it easy on my feet for the next couple of weeks and the toe should heal itself.

I remember my brother calling me in the hospital and apologizing. I was at work the very next day , was in a little bit of pain all in all it was not that bad.

I guess this was not a very exciting injury, but honestly. It was my worst one. Hope to keep it that way.

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