I am taking a Human Computer Interaction course this semester which I am really looking forward to! We were assigned a whole bunch of reading but one article that I really enjoyed was Jef Raskins comments on User Interfaces. It is an older article but many of the things that he pointed out really resonate with the issues that we still face today. In the article, one line really stands out for me which is “the union of two wrong systems does not make for a single, unified, correct one”. This reminds me of the idiom “two wrongs don’t make a right”, but is interesting to think about from a UI perspective. UI’s are changing all around us. Every major GUI OS is implementing some sort of convergence between the traditional desktop metaphor and touch screen capability with endless screens of icons and interesting gestures in lieu of menu driven interfaces. This is a very interesting time to be thinking about HCI as more and more devices in our world are becoming computerized.