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Why are we open?

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I spent the first two hours of the day catching up on all of the wonderful blogs in my blogroll that I have neglected to read for over a week! Then I spent the next three hours reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alxeandere Dumas, Thanks to Project Gutenburg. Which actually turned out to be pretty good. The first five chapters are full of juicy drama, deception, betrayal, conspiracy, and all sorts of goodies. Even though this book is REALLY old, it is a real page turner. I am actually going to continue reading it when I get home.

I am at work today by the way which is why this scenario makes no sense. I am supposed to be elbow deep in skin cancer, and answering phones booking appointments, doing hospital things? yet for some reason our leaders decided to keep this clinic open, sent 90% of the staff home and I am the one that has to stay behind and deal with this boredom.

Oh well, could be worse. Only a few hours left in the day… but honestly what was the point of keeping us open? I answered four phone calls, booked two appointments, and treated 5 patients for lightbox.

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