Images of America - Early Carson City

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Images of America; Early Carson City

At the Nevada State Museum I purchased another of the Images of America series that has a great collection of images from the early years of Carson City.

The book includes images in all categories from prominent people, to notable events, to early architecture. It was interesting to see some of the early buildings that are still standing to this day. Notably, the Federal Building (shown in the Cover Photo of this post) which is still standing, the St. Charles hotel that was built in 1862 which I wrote about in a previous post and the Frank Murphy home built in 1874 which is the modern site of Adele’s Restaurant.

There was a chapter dedicated to President Teddy Rosevelt’s visit and another about the Corbet Fitzsimmons fight. I found it amusing that the presidential visit was one of the “most important events” of the 19th century for this small city.

Like other books in this series, Early Carson City provided a great mix of history, culture, and a great collection of historic photographs.


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US Post Office [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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